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    Process Post #6

    This week in lecture we had the privilege of hearing Mauve speak on web design and type on screens. She had a lot of wisdom to share, and I tried my best to soak it all up. Some of what she talked about I had heard of before, but there was a lot that I was unfamiliar with. I appreciated all that she had to say. I only wish I could have heard her speak sooner in the semester, as I think what she had to say would have helped me a lot in the earlier stages of my website.  Mauve focused on the principles of design. According to Mauve…

  • My Thoughts

    Love is in the Air

    March 4th, 2023. It was a gloomy day, but it was beautiful in so many other ways. No amount of rain could dampen the mood of the day. On this day I witnessed my brother profess his love for his girlfriend, as he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  I was honoured that my brother wanted me there with him on such a special day. My brother chose Prospect Point as the place he would propose to his girlfriend Lisa. I had never been to the Prospect Point lookout, but once we got there I understood why he picked it. It has a gorgeous view…

  • Product Reviews

    Dior Lip Oil Dupe

    My mom bought me this for valentines day and I’m already obsessed. Over Christmas I really wanted to get the Dior lip gloss that everyone loves, but it was sold out everywhere I looked. This dupe is not only half the price, but it is also the same as the Dior one in all the ways that matter. The applicator and lip gloss formula are quite literally the same. The NYX lip gloss also smells just like a watermelon candy, which I think is amazing.

  • Product Reviews

    The Best Lip Duo

    If you haven’t bought it yet, you better run to your nearest Sephora and purchase the Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lip liner and lipstick. I’m telling you this is the most beautiful colour for the lips. It also goes on nicely, and the lipliner stays on very well. 

  • Process Posts

    Let’s Take the ‘Mis’ Out of Misinformation

    In our world today where people are avid media consumerists misinformation is spread like wildfire through the means of fake news. With an easy repost button, platforms of influence, and the following anyone can share information regardless of the validity of what is being said. This online engagement allows for easy access to a vast majority of information that is created by highly accredited researchers, and also just the average opinionated person. Media platforms provide a network for this information to reach many people based on algorithms rather than credibility of source. We are in uncharted territory as we have entered a new era of news sources through its spread…

  • Peer Reviews

    Peer Review #2

    This last week I had the pleasure of looking at Sandy’s website In My Kaizen. I love reading personal blogs, so I was quite excited to see what she had done. The website theme that Sandy used was refreshing, as it was different from any ones I had previously seen used by classmates.  Her landing page is simple and neat. It was nice and easy to follow, and I was able to get a quick understanding of what her blog was about. I do wish that upon clicking the discover button on her landing page it would direct me to another page that has more information about her Kaizen journey.…

  • Product Reviews

    Box of Love

    For valentines day I was given the Lush valentines gift box, Box of Love. I’ve only ever tried a handful of products from Lush before, one being the famous Mask of Magnaminty and their Super Milk leave-in hair conditioner. I’ve really liked the Lush products I have used, so I’m excited to try out all the new products.  Sex Bomb For someone who doesn’t usually take baths this bath bomb has me seriously reevaluating my selfcare routine. I loved the soft pink colour that filled the tub, and the petals that appeared after the bath bomb dissolved in the water was a nice little touch that added to the relaxing…

  • Uncategorized

    Is Valentines Day Overrated?

    I find it perplexing how a day that’s supposed to be all about love can also be one of the most despised days of the year. I’ve never celebrated a valentines day for its intended purpose, but that’s never prevented me from enjoying the day nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong it would be nice to spend the day with my significant other, and I look forward to the times where that is what I do, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy the day with my friends and family. This year was one of my favourite valentines to date! I think this was because it was the first valentine’s day where…

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