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  • My Thoughts

    Love is in the Air

    March 4th, 2023. It was a gloomy day, but it was beautiful in so many other ways. No amount of rain could dampen the mood of the day. On this day I witnessed my brother profess his love for his girlfriend, as he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  I was honoured that my brother wanted me there with him on such a special day. My brother chose Prospect Point as the place he would propose to his girlfriend Lisa. I had never been to the Prospect Point lookout, but once we got there I understood why he picked it. It has a gorgeous view…

  • My Thoughts

    What’s the deal with new year’s resolutions?

    I’ve never understood why people make new year’s resolutions. If you know an area of your life needs changing, why wait until the new year to change it? I’ve always believed that there’s no better time than the here and now to make these changes in one’s life. So why do people need a new year to become a changed person? What’s wrong with tomorrow? To try and understand the power behind new year’s resolutions I decided to make a couple new years resolutions myself. I found it difficult to make resolutions because I wanted to make ones that were attainable and would improve my life. I came up with…

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    It’s a good day to have a GREAT day

    I think it’s important to have mottos in life. Something that you strive to live by in everything that you do. It provides structure and guidance to your actions no matter the predicament you find yourself in. My motto in life is “it’s a good day to have a great day”. I know a lot of people have a motto similar to this one which is, “it’s a good day to have a good day”, but I wasn’t totally sold on that one. I asked myself why only a good day? What’s stopping it from being a GREAT one? And to that I say it’s one’s attitude and perspective.  Everyday…

  • My Thoughts

    The Power In Dressing Up

    Don’t get me wrong I love wearing athletic wear and going for a more comfort look, but I think there is something to be said about dressing up for yourself and situations you find yourself in. One of my mottos in life has always been “feel good, do good”. I believe that a lot of your performance has to do with confidence and for me when I feel put together I gain confidence for any moment.  Since high anytime I have a presentation or a test/exam I make sure I dress up for the day. It puts me in a good mood, and puts me on track to be successful…

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