Peer Reviews

  • Peer Reviews

    Peer Review #2

    This last week I had the pleasure of looking at Sandy’s website In My Kaizen. I love reading personal blogs, so I was quite excited to see what she had done. The website theme that Sandy used was refreshing, as it was different from any ones I had previously seen used by classmates.  Her landing page is simple and neat. It was nice and easy to follow, and I was able to get a quick understanding of what her blog was about. I do wish that upon clicking the discover button on her landing page it would direct me to another page that has more information about her Kaizen journey.…

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    Peer Reviews

    Peer Review #1

    This week I got to look through Darien’s Website. I was immediately interested in what they had to say, as the title peaked my interest. Sixtyfourtythree…what does that mean? My curiosity took over, so I started to read hoping that I would soon get an explanation of why a photography website would be called that. I have yet to understand the significance of the title, but maybe this is Darien’s way of making sure that I revisit their page to find out its meaning. I think doing a blog post of some sort explaining the meaning behind the title would be very well received by their audience.  I have found…

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