Okoye from Wakanda looking fierce holding her spear
Mini Assignments

Mini Assignment #2

WAKANDA FOREVER!! That is who I am. My loyalty defines me. My strength comes from knowing who I am, which is a bodyguard to the king and a mighty Dora Milaje warrior. My job has challenged me, and made me have to think hard about who I am and what it is I believe in. It has not only tested my physical strength, but also my inner strength and loyalty.

One of the most difficult situations I found myself in was when I had to choose between my country and my love W’Kabi. In that moment I had to decide where my loyalties lay: with my convictions or my heart. 

Ultimately I knew I had to stay true to who I am. 

This took almost all my strength to walk away from the man I loved. Although it was hard I would not change my choice. I upheld my values of virtue and tradition, which are a key part of who I am. If I gave that up for anyone then who would I be? 


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