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It’s a good day to have a GREAT day

I think it’s important to have mottos in life. Something that you strive to live by in everything that you do. It provides structure and guidance to your actions no matter the predicament you find yourself in.

My motto in life is “it’s a good day to have a great day”. I know a lot of people have a motto similar to this one which is, “it’s a good day to have a good day”, but I wasn’t totally sold on that one. I asked myself why only a good day? What’s stopping it from being a GREAT one? And to that I say it’s one’s attitude and perspective. 

Everyday when we wake up we have the choice to make our day a great one. By no means am I implying everything is going to fall perfectly in our favour, but rather it’s a mindset. If you look at everything from a glass half full perspective then everything will appear to be better than it actually is. The perspective you decide to adopt can have a great impact on how you actually see things, so why wouldn’t you want to see things for the best?

When you wake up in the morning think about all the things you GET to do, rather than what you HAVE to do. No matter what is going on in your life there are people out in the world that wish they could be in your shoes. School may be stressful, but at least you get to have an education. I challenge you when you wake up this week to think of all the endless possibilities that could happen in the day. Allow yourself to see how this ordinary day could become an extraordinary one by the mindset you make in the morning.

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