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Process Post #4

I created my website with a young female audience in mind. When I say young I mean teenager to young adult. Though that is who I have envisioned reading my work, I don’t think I have limited myself to only appealing to that demographic. Some things like my product reviews for makeup and fashion may be more directed to a certain group, but I think the section about my thoughts can speak to many people of various ages and genders. 

When I’m writing my blog posts I view my audience as a friend. I write to them as though I’m sharing with them my thoughts and ideas on different topics. I feel like with each blog post I’ve done my voice has become more distinctly mine. I’m not writing to impress my audience, but rather I write on things that matter to me and I think my audience will form accordingly. So while I think my work would appeal to a certain niche, I’m not sure that is who will actually be my audience. 

I am a person who appreciates the digital world as well as an undigitalized one. I believe that both worlds give humanity great benefits, and we should never solely live in one, but instead find a health balance of both. In Kevin Leetaru’s article he brought up the question of do we lose sight of our past when we live in a digitalized world, and to this I say no. He used the example of how libraries check out less books daily, but just because they’re not being checked out doesn’t mean that they aren’t being read. The digitalized world provides us with convenience. I can buy most books that I would find in the library online. Instead of lugging around a heavy book I can just read it and highlight key parts straight on my tablet. You can make the argument that society is less in touch with its past, but I do not believe that this is a digitalization problem but rather a problem with society and what they value. 


Leetaru, K. (2017, September 29). In A Digital World, Are We Losing Sight Of Our Undigitized Past? Forbes.

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