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Process Post #6

This week in lecture we had the privilege of hearing Mauve speak on web design and type on screens. She had a lot of wisdom to share, and I tried my best to soak it all up. Some of what she talked about I had heard of before, but there was a lot that I was unfamiliar with. I appreciated all that she had to say. I only wish I could have heard her speak sooner in the semester, as I think what she had to say would have helped me a lot in the earlier stages of my website. 

Mauve focused on the principles of design. According to Mauve these principles are balance, rhythm, proportion/scale, contrast/point of focus, unity/harmony. What I found interesting as she was explaining these concepts is that I naturally tend to do all these things because I think doing them is what looks best in my eyes. I enjoyed learning about the term white space. This was a term I previously didn’t know, but already had an eye for.

Once I picked my theme and template for my website I have not had a lot of creative liberty. So as there is a lot that Mauve said that I might want to implement into my site it would imply that I would have to choose a different template and I’m not sure that I want to do that at this point in my website. Although my website may not fit every design principle she states I think it incorporates enough and it fits my aesthetic and the style of my work. 

One thing that had totally slipped my mind before Mauve brought it up was that websites change form on a mobile site versus a desktop one. After her lecture I went to check my website from my phone, and sure enough there were some things I had to change. Pictures that I had did not look as good on the mobile version as it did on the desktop. I made a few changes, and now I am very pleased with how it looks.

There was a lot to take away from the lecture. I learned that the typography, use of photos, and overall structure of the site (design principles) can play a huge part in telling your readers what your site is about without them ever reading a word. I have no doubt that what I learned will greatly help me on my content creator journey.

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